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The Update of Many Things

The Blogathon Just Giving Page has now finished – leaving the total raised for Mind at the impressive sum of £826 before Gift Aid – I’ll do the calculations and update this entry this evening.

I’ve just done a day of first aid training (which I passed) and am now fully qualified to ring an ambulance if somebody injures themselves at work.

I’ve acted twice now as an acolyte/server at my church – wearing white robes and carrying candles on big sticks. All very majestic.

I’ve splashed out on some panniers for my bike – these allow me to get my laptop to work and do big shops that would otherwise involve the car.

This morning I broke my personal best time (since records began) for the bike ride to work, 24 minutes at an average of 15.3 miles an hour.

I’ve sorted out technical problems involving my phone and it’s cycle riding software.

The greater spotted woodpecker that hangs about outside my office window has bred and now there are two smaller greater spotted woodpeckers brightening up the grounds. The solitary mistle thrush now has company – I’m not sure it’s a mate or a rival.

I now weigh under two hundred pounds and am hoping to hit the fourteen stone mark this week.

There’s an update available for WordPress. I’m not sure how it’ll go since I’ll have to do it manually because the automatic updates don’t seem to be working any more.

It’s time to go back to work.

Go up a level and discard this update.