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Tales from the Form: Introduction – Lent 2014 – Day 3

This weekend, I’m down in the deep south (near Huddersfield) visiting Mum and Dad.

After fish and chips for tea, one of the things we talked about was my progress through The Selection (or Discernment, depending on whom you’re talking to) Process. This is the fabled method by which the Anglican Church sorts the wheat from the chaff with regards to who might make a reasonable fist of being an eventual priest.

The first main hurdle I had to negotiate was what I have affectionately come to know as The Giant Form of Doom. Those of you who know me will testify that this has been an ongoing process for quite some time. I can proudly announce (a trifle late, I know) that, as of the eighteenth of January, The Form (all fourteen typed pages) is filled in and submitted. Now the fun part begins, starting with several interviews with a local priest whose job description is (in a slightly unwieldy fashion) Diocesan Director of Ordinands (henceforth, DDO). I’ve had the first of these and will be meeting up with him again on Monday afternoon – these chats will be written up in future posts so watch this space.

My parents and I discussed what I’d written on The Form in some detail and this got me thinking a little bit – an awful lot of what’s on it is kind of reflective and might be interesting (to me, at least) for me to rewrite into some sort of mini-biography/theological treatise/apologia.

So, over the next few days you can expect this blog to mostly feature rewritten extracts and reflections on some of the more exciting areas of The Form. Clearly the full list of my GCSEs and A-levels (something I won’t be writing up), impressive though it is, will be of no interest to most right-thinking people – it remains to be seen what you make of the rest of it.

As if by magic…

…a blog roll appeared

It’s been a while coming (every since the transfer to the new server) but I’ve finally got a vague kind of blog roll up and running. The more observant among you may have noticed two categories – “Famous Blogs” and “Infamous Blogs”. These are broad and intended mostly to differentiate between blogs by people I know (or at least have vaguely interacted with at some point in my online life) and those I read having found through Google, Twitter or whatever.

I’ve not got everybody’s in yet, but I’ve made a start – if there are any glaring omissions, please let me know.

Guest Post at Changing Worship

My good friend, Robb asked me if I’d like to make a contribution to his blog.

Every once in a while, one of my church-going friends will move away from their current church and (probably) begin attending another somewhere else. And every time, every single time, I hear the same complaints from some of those left behind.

Apparently, anybody not completely satisfied with the way things are at their church…

The rest of the mini-article can be found over at the Changing Worship blog. Please have a look at the rest of Robb’s stuff whilst your there – he actually answers comments.

Just Moved House

And in the new house, there is as yet, no internet (so I’m posting this early from work).
Which doesn’t excuse the lack of writing before I moved, but it’s my shiny, new excuse for the time being.

By the way, the new place is lovely. Pictures will follow.

A Winter Invocation

At this time of cold and death,
At the sinking of the new moon,
The clearing of the sky of clouds,
The retreat of warmth from our world,
The freezing of our breath,
And the fading of the light from our eyes,
Be with us in these dangerous hours
That we may live again
To see new light and feel new warmth.