All out of beer.
I have now moved all my stuff into my room – it now looks like the back room of a pawn shop. The lock goes on my cupboard tomorrow, and if we don’t get any payment from Dave by Thursday his internet gets pulled. I’d have done it today seeing as he lied about it last week, but another housemate talked some sense into me.
Blech. Why won’t they let me be a bastard (as Dave deserves)?

Every time I try to log into the ‘Box I get this message:
phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database
Which is progress from the standard 404.
Still doesn’t help.
Now it’s too late to consider going out and doing anything remotely sociable.
But I just got a long newsletter from friends in Germany so I can read that and start on a reply…
Dammit, my printer keeps feeding 3 sheets at a time through.
that won’t do.
Excuse me, I’m off in search of a lump hammer…

Well, here we are, the day before Easter and the weather has turned. I guess it will be pissing it down for all the dawn services tomorrow, I guess that’s another reason for staying in bed. I’m working so I don’t get to see my folks two hundred miles away. I’ll probably miss the rugby as well due to folks always hanging about later than is reasonable. Ah well…

English Ben just popped briefly into MSN to say hello from his studies. Put a smile on my face. Thanks, even if you’re not reading this.

Phen, thank you for your kind words in the miserable git thread. I do appreciate them, and I apologise if the song gets you into any horrible trouble.

I guess I should really go and sort out some food.
Bacon and sausage in an apricot and peri peri sauce, served on rice. That should do the job.

Ack, WWDN has gone down again.
I suppose I should take that as a cue to go to bed.

“It can’t rain all the time”
If they meant that in a purely physical sense then I couldn’t agree more.
If not, certain ammendments are required:
“It pisses it down all the time,
there are, however,
moments when you get to walk between the raindrops
and the sun peeps out from behind a cloud.”

I think that about sums it up.

I really should watch The Crow again, it’s been far too long.

As so many of my LJ friends seem to be posting song lyrics, I thought I’d jump on the band wagon:
by Derek and Clive

#As I was walking down the street one day
I saw a house on fire
There was man, shouting and screaming at an upper-storey window
To the crowd that was gathered there below
For he was sore afraid

#Jump! You fucker, jump!
Jump into this here blanket what we are holding
And you will be all right
He jumped, hit the deck, broke his fucking neck –
There was no blanket

#Laugh?! We nearly shat!
We had not laughed so much since Grandma died
Or Auntie Mabel caught her left tit in the mangle
We are miserable sinners
Fi-i-ilthy fuckers


Link to a sound clip may follow.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I made it through the night.
Now all I have to do is make it to this afternoon, then I will sleep.
Or maybe do the work that I avoided all night by playing about on the river^H^H^H^H^H pooter.
Well, how about I tell you who a couple of my favourite nonsense poets are. Roger McGough and Spike Milligan.
Mebbe I’ll post some of their pomes at a later date…
In fact here’s a link to me reading one of Roger’s very badly:

Well, today I slept.
My alarm went off and woke me up as planned. I turned off the speakers and went back to bed for a couple of hours nap. Next thing I knew it was six of the pm. Good job I had no plans for today…
There is a full moon this evening, I know because I just took the bins out. “How exciting!” I hear you say. But, wait – it gets better.
Gah! no it doesn’t.
My life revolves around, sleep, eating crap, trying to persuade myself to cook some food and not just eat sandwiches, playing on the computer, feeling grumpy, sleeping, eating crap, did I mention the sleep.
I wish there was something fun and exciting I could talk to you guys about.
I wish there was something I could contribute to your comments pages.
I wish far to much.


Guess my current mood.

My mouth is sore from an ulcer or abcess or something icky – correction bottom right wisdom tooth playing up.

Hmmm, could I be frightening?




How you a doin’?


or just a rabbit?
twitch twitch twitch

Last night I went out with Rachel and Ryan and one of Ryan’s work mates. I have to confess to drinking too much too quickly and making myself rather ill. I hope that I didn’t say or do anything too awful towards the end of the night. If any of you read this, please accept my heartfelt apologies.

Today I got up and went to church and was hungover at people. They even had the effontry to comment on how good I was looking…

Went on a wonderful walk/picnic this afternoon. To a lake half an hour’s drive away, we fed the swans, watched the water, paddled, ate our food and then went for a bit of a wander. Very relaxing, great fun, a little bit of quality time with some lovely young ladies, and there were herons!

Yesterday was good.
Today is one minute old.
It is Lucy’s birthday.
I’m about to go to bed and it will be an early night for me.
Later today I’ll be caretaking for a mini conference and going out for drinks in the evening with an old friend who’s coming to visit.
In the video clear out the day before yesterday I missed four videos which will now have to sit alongside a load of books on my shelves until Kingdom Come.
9!^9! is a stupidly big number.

All these things I have learned or remembered today.
Not particularly interesting.