She was skinny, homeless, scruffy, a beggar, a junkie, a liar and quite probably an unfit mother. She was my friend. When we met I’d buy her coffee or a burger or a hot apple pie, we’d talk about our lives and our hopes and plans. She died a couple of years ago and I found out about it through the papers. Overdose in a public toilet. And today, walking through town and passing her old doorways I remembered her again.
I miss you, Dawn.

Today was a good day. Got out of bed at a reasonable hour and did stuff. Mostly messed about on a computer and tried to get it to scan things – dificult when it won’t let you save any of the files. Eventually forced it to work by witholding jam privelidges for an hour or so. Even so, next time I’m getting the pictures put straight onto a cd, it takes far too long.
Net result is I got a multi page web site up and running for the first time ever. It can be found here:

Things will improve once I work out exactly what I’m meant to be doing.

It wasn’t meant to be a post about the website. The point was more that I’d set out to do something and achieved it. Which makes me feel disproportionately better about myself. I’d best be careful, I might end up back at work if I’m not careful.