Might be quiet for a while…

I’m off away to the Welsh Coast for what remains of my family holidays.
Won’t be much time for tracking down web cafes and such like.
So I’ll probably keep in touch via brief lj-updates.
Not sure about any IM things at all.
That’s about it really.
Just thought you might like to know that I haven’t died.


I kinda started on the web-page for the Murder Mystery Party, but ran out of time when friends turned up. Now I’ve worked out what I’m doing I should be able to finish it tomorrow, but for now, behold! A work in progress. (with some pictures and everything)

Also time for another poem that somebody else wrote:

Poison Pools
by Adrian Plass

Who made these poison pools
In desert lands
So sweet and cool
A welcome lie
A chance to die with water on my lips
I’ve seen how others try to die unpoisoned in the sun
I do not think that I can do as they have done.

Edit: I’ve taken it down, I doubt that I’ll ever finish it and I have limited webspace. If I ever get it up again, you’ll be the first to know.