Continuing yesterday’s coffee theme

Our local Kwik Save (cheap supermarket) has just been replace with a Somerfield (cheap supermarket).
The Kwik Save was the only local shop that sold filter papers, 40 for 59p. I went in this morning as I passed to see if this vital item of stock had been preserved in the change over. To my relief, there were the green packets on the shelf in the beverage shelves. The feeling of dread that had been building melted away, only to be replaced by one of outrage as I approached the shelves. 89 pence per box of forty filters! A fifty percent mark up! I still can’t think straight. What am I going to do?

In other news:
Yesterday’s competition is still in it’s first phase, please come and have a go.

An exciting competition for you all

Tonight marks the start of a new era.
I’ve been waitng for this day for a week or so now.
Tonight, I finally opened a shiny new packet of eighty coffee filters.
There are two marvellous prizes up for grabs.

The first goes to whoever guesses in the comments, before the end of this week, upon what date I will use filter number eighty.
If you catch this entry too late to enter, fear not – there is another chance to win!
Prize number two goes to the person who leaves a comment nearest to the actual time I use filter number eighty.
See, exciting, and long running.

Winners will be announced on that fateful day, and must be prepared to email me with their address so I can stalk^H^H^H^H^H send them their prizes.

In other news: it rained today.

same thing we do every day, Pinky…

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Your partner in crime  bluskyz75
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edit: I feel due an extra point or two because I edited the html so it worked better.