Yesterday I planned to have an early night.

However there was a slight change of plan brought on by severe discomfort in the area of my left kidney.
It didn’t go away.
It stopped me from sleeping.
It made concentrating on anything else difficult.
I called NHS direct,
who told me to call my out of hours GP,
who told me to go to the 24 hour walk in centre at the general hospital,
who took a urine sample containing red and white blood cells and told me to keep it chilled over night and take it to my GP in the morning so that he could send it off for further tests and they gave me antibiotics and a prescription for more of the same.
So I got there at half past eight this morning, and sat in the waiting room with a bottle of chilled piss in my pocket and waited to be seen. My doctor sent it away and asked me to come back a week tomorrow for the results, and agreed that hopefully it was a minor infection of either the kidney or the urinary tract that the antibiotics would clear up and not kidney stones.
Oh and they said to start taking the pain meds again.

It has been suggested to me by several friends that I start an “anger jorurnal” since the generally accepted idea is that depression is unprocessed anger turned inwards and I currently have no idea about what I’m angry about, I certainly don’t feel angry most of the time. I’ve no idea how things will go with this, but if I hit those vast, as yet untapped veins then it probably won’t be pretty.
Having said that, if any of you want to have a look at what I dredge up, comment here, get friended and check the journal in the title of this post every once in a while. (I’m going to try to get my first entry written tonight)

Borrowed from that tittle tattle

whoffleck and bluskyz75 have been secretly doing it!
space_ghost22 has thighs like tree trunks, and bluskyz75 knows it well…
brakspants has been thinking of going on a machine-gun rampage for six months.
eowynr knows the truth about nephratari and lkuroda.
whoffleck collects other people’s underwear!
brakspants and annakie are really the same person! Think about it, you’ve never seen them together!

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