Back in the saddle (which is still lonely since the horse died) again

On Wednesday I got back to Newcastle after spending the Christmas period with friends and family away from the computer.
Had a couple of days with Ruth and Robb, their garden still looking fantastic, good food, good drink and the watching of DVDs was the order of the day.
Then on to Mum and Dad’s, sleeping on a couple of quilts on the living room floor, cooking occasionally, watching more TV than I had in the past year, wrapping presents, buying presents, wrapping more presents, helping out where I could, and starting to read The Lord of the Rings again. It was a pretty good Christmas, but my old problems wormed their way in and stopped things from getting to be proper good.

Thank you to everybody who left Christmas wish comments in my previous entry.

Now I’m back in Newcastle. Wait, I said that.

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I have no idea what I’ll be doing this evening. There’s a couple of phone calls I’ll be making, and I’ll see what happens.

2004 has been a long year. I think it must have been that extra day in February.
Review of the Year

Christmas Quiz…

A Christmas Carol
You are ‘Christmas Time is Here, by Golly!’, by Tom
Lehrer. Hmm, you really don’t like Christmas,
do you? From the moment they start playing
carols in the shops in October to the
appearance of the first Easter Eggs in the
shops on New Years Eve, the rampant hypocrisy
of the Christmas spirit sets your teeth on
edge. You know just how many family fights
start over Christmas dinner, how many people
are injured in the Boxing Day sales, and how
few people actually find Christmas even
remotely merry. You liked Scrooge far better
before those ghosts got to him, and you are
only doing this quiz because you are bored at
work and anything is better than listening to
everyone else discuss their Christmas shopping.
Still, it is two days off work, which does
count for something… Enjoy the break.

What Christmas Carol are you?
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The Fall

And you find yourself dropped to your knees in the dust.
The dirt looks so inviting, roll around and get comfortable and sleep a while under the blanket of dirt.
Those alluring pools of poison the wise man warned you of, shimmer welcomingly. Sleep first, then crawl and roll to the nearest sinful oasis, drink deeply, and die in comfort.


And for the longest time you just kneel in the dust, unable to move, tears rolling down your face, screaming at the unfairness of it all.
Inviting, roll around, sleep, blanket.
Allure, wisdom, shimmer, drink deep, comfort.


And you find that the pain passes with time, that you can lift one foot into an upright position, no more than that, it’s all you can do to not fall over back into the dust.
Sleep, blanket.
Drink, comfort,


And soon, you can crouch, balance on both feet, rock back and forth and all you can see around you:


And you rise to your feet, straighten up, brush yourself down and take your first tentative step toward freedom.