Following in the wake…

of the highly successful “50 things you don’t know about me” meme (I believe “meme” is the correct word), I bring you the:
10 Things I Don’t Know About Myself Thingy
If you like the idea, please post something you think I may not know about myself in the comments and a rough approximate of this text into your journal.

I’m off for the weekend.

Seven Tales of Sin and Woe

I help out with the young people at the church seven Sundays out of ten. This week I was leading the session rather than just sitting in and making a nuisance of myself. The notes for the session arrived late (Saturday’s post) and yesterday afternoon I found myself having to improvise around an interesting idea that wasn’t practical at such short notice.
The idea was this:
Read the youngsters a collection of stories detailing naughtiness and general untrustworthiness from the past of everybody on the youth team and get them to guess which of us performed which misdeed.
The session was about honesty and the game was meant to demonstrate that even we highly trusted “leaders” were capable of things that weren’t quite so high on the old morality scale or something like that… It linked nicely into the start of the session anyway.
Half a day is not enough time to chase up stories like that. Fortunately I had plenty of stories of my own.
I introduced them by saying that what followed were stories from the past of some of the youth team and it was their job to work out who did what.

The best bit was that nobody thought any of them were mine.
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Yet another infrequent update

Her endeth two weeks of major busy-ness (as opposed to business – not much of that going on round here, just me spending too much money on things like books and more books). I’ve been working at the library as normal. I’ve been working at the book shop as normal. I’ve been attending the librariandom course as normal. I’ve been doing the caretaking at the church as needed on a Saturday as normal. In addition, I have been caretaking as needed throughout the past fortnight on weekdays and Sundays because the proper caretaker was delivering a Fire Engine to Romania for the charity I had my head shaved for, Carpathian Aid. In addition to that I’ve been fighting through many panic attacks in order to get coursework done for the course. In addition to this I found that any extra time with the computer wasn’t relaxing in any way shape or form at this time and that reading printed books and then going to sleep was much more the order of the day.
Now that the caretaker is back at work I have a lot more time on my hands and catching up on journals and the ‘Box and such like is going to be a good thing again.
Sorry for any personal distress my absence may have caused.
Thank you for being patient.