Review of the Year

Hi folks,
It’s been a while, almost exactly a year, since I wrote this and I’d forgotten what I’d written. But looking back:

Things I’d like to see the new bring which I can work towards:
– Continued working at the job I’m in and either seeing the hours increased to full time or take on a second job.
In January the manager of the library told me she was pregnant and would be leaving in August and that it would be a good idea if I got myself enrolled on a course to do with Library management so I could take over when she left. So I did.
In February I was offered part time work at a local bookshop that has links with the resources centre. I took the offer up expecting the position to vanish in the summer when the shop closed down one site and started working from one. This still hasn’t happened yet, I just got a Christmas bonus and it’s likely I’ll still be working there at least until the start of the summer.
In August the library manager left and I successfully applied for the job. Hurray!
All the while the care-taking for the church on Saturdays continued.
The course is finished but there is still about a rainforest of coursework due.

– Continued recovery from the depression. It’s still a grind to do anything, and hardly a day goes by without me thinking about how much better it would be to be dead. I know I’m so much better than I was, but seeing how far there still is to go is far from encouraging.
Maybe writing about depression at the dead of winter wasn’t the smartest thing in the world to do. Things haven’t been great on this front, but it hasn’t cost me a day at work (there was one morning at college that I didn’t make due to a stress out) and I even didn’t lose it when I suffered a prolonged bout of severe insomnia. So it’s been a triumph of sheer bloody-mindedness over all the inertia that the illness has thrown at me.
Still feels like shit a lot of the time though.

– A place of my own to live – I won’t be able to afford to buy, but renting might be an option with either full time hours or a second job.
This almost happened in the autumn, but because neither the bookshop or library jobs are secure (the bookshop is only a casual contract and the library job is up for review when the maternity leave period expires & I’ll have to re-apply for whatever position the board of directors end up implementing), it wasn’t viable. It was a damned nice flat too.

– A lovely young lady who’ll be happy to be loved, will love me in return and will still show an interest in me after a couple of months.
Nothing to report.

– More regular writing, both for this journal and for myself in general, maybe even think about contacting publishers.
This fell by the way-side when the course and bookshop got going. I made a couple of attempts to get it going again, but the lack of free time during the day and a more active social life put put paid to any grand schemes.

– More regular contact with the friends I have who live outside Newcastle and cementing of the relationships I have with those in Newcastle.
This has gone well, two of my best friends have moved back north to Durham (half an hour away on the train) and I’ll be heading to their place for New Year’s after I’m done writing this and sorting out some form of fancy dress. There have been meals out, meals in, drinks here, there and everywhere, cinema trips, DVD nights, general hanging out and plenty of silliness. All in all not bad, although online contact isn’t as regular as once it was.

So, that’s what became of the hopes and dreams for 2005.

In other news:
One of my flatmates got married at Easter and moved out, I got the huge room he’d been in, and six months later the spare room was filled with a new flatmate.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory turned out to be one of my favourite films of all time.
Star Wars Episode III turned out to be not too bad after all.
Wallace & Grommit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit was just as fantastic as I expected it to be.
I got an I-Pod.
I filled my room with shelves of books.
I discovered the works of Jasper Fforde. Go and buy his books!
I discovered the Fables series by Bill Willingham. Go and buy them too!
I continued to be involved with the youth work at church and attended Youth-Work the Conference in Southport, which was a fantastic weekend.

That’s about it, things have been pretty much taken up with work, college and social stuff. Not too terrible at all.

Thanks for reading this far, have a fantastic 2006.