07 – Consequences, originally uploaded by Timbo B.

The extra give provided by the wider walls caused the whole thing to collapse with an awful crash (as awful and loud as bouncing toilet paper can be) and left one roll somewhat the worse for wear*.

*or “somewhat the worse for water” as Jimbo would have it. Jimbo-flatmate, not Jimbo-Rocket.

Raising the Bar?

06 – Raising the Bar?, originally uploaded by Timbo B.

I tried to build an arched bridge to no effect, so settled for moving the block half way up the wall. However, our walls slope outwards, as can be seen from the extra dip in the middle.

Alternative title for the photo: “Trouble Brewing”

Flickr makes picrs quickr

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and anybody else who’s reading:
I now possess a flickr account and have spent a little bit of time experimenting upon it:
At some point I might upload photos of old meet ups and things for proper posterity’s sake.

There’s even a photo of me dressed up all smart like I was for the interviews (somebody asked for such a picture to be taken) please note the shiney shoes.