Just to prove a point

My mate Andy, pored scorn upon the idea of me having organised stuff and things on shelves – he said my idea of tidy was separate piles of stuff on the floor. He said that photographs might change his mind.

So here they are:
Books and DVDs
The back side of the shelves at the foot of my bed
Big books in the metallic green chipboard shelves I made in spare time in a technology lesson twelve years ago
More books, and on the top shelf – borrowed stuff and the ‘Complete Babylon 5 Universe’
The front side of the shelves at the foot of the bed
more shelves that stand beside the bed.

Please forgive the dodgy chopping I resorted to in order to provide composite/kinda-composite images of taller units. (The CD shelves have a shelf of books running below them out of shot.

If anybody else has anything they want photographic proof of (within reason) comment and I’ll see what I can do.

This post has been brought to you by the letters ‘bored’ and ‘easily led’ and the number ‘shiny (almost) new camera phone’.

A Story: Part 3 – My Childhood Romance

We got dressed up and had a wedding when I was six years old.
I promised I’d love her until the end of time.
She said she’d love me for ever.
I double dared her back and said we’d be together longer than that.
We pricked our thumbs and mixed our blood.

I was too young to have learned:
be careful what you sign,
never make a promise you can’t keep,
no matter how you put it off, the piper must be paid or she’ll come calling.