Going Camping

I’ve got three days booked off this week, so I can go and spend a week sleeping under the elements.
We might be going to Kielder Water or somewhere in the Lake District.
That’s about it.

In other news:
I’ve got my record player hooked up to my PC now and am in the process of transferring my LPs to CD via the hard-drive. First up: The Muppet Show (first cast album).

Vote for me

Well, kind of.

Today I was reduced to voting for the Green Party as a protest vote.  None of the real lunatic fringe were in evidence, and I thought, “There’s an opening there.”

It would be great to stand as a representative of The Protest Party – a non-aligned collection of candidates whose only point is to provide an outlet for voters’ frustration and sense of outrage at being offered the same old non-choices.  Of course, we wouldn’t have any policies ourselves, but there are bound to be more people out there (surely?) who would welcome the chance to officially register a protest by other means than not voting or supporting the Conservatives.

Of course this could backfire utterly and completely, but I doubt I’d find myself in parliament or even on the council.  I’d merely have to find a way of raising the deposit money without much hope of ever seeing it again.

What do you think?

(and I know the “none of the above” campaign in Brewster’s Millions was a roaring success, but how often does life imitate art?)

One week on (almost)

And I can just about bear to look at a computer again. It’s not a general encouragement to look at the screen to have a beautiful day outside, all a manner of interesting feathered birds hanging around in plain view of my window (I’ve seen goldfinches, woodpeckers, pigeons, blackbirds, greenfinches, blue tits, starlings, cole-tits, sparrows, bullfinches, possibly a crossbill and a large thrush like bird whose name I keep forgetting), and the mother of all headaches – it felt like I’d been stabbed through my left lobe.

But life is good, I managed to use the kitchen to cook this week and haven’t died of food poisoning, I’ve got my ticket booked for Rodrigo y Gabriella at the Newcastle Carling Academy in June, I’ve got my ticket booked for Spiderman 3 on Friday afternoon, one of my friends launches an exhibition of her photography at a local gallery this evening, I’ll be at a barbeque on Friday night and it’s lunch time.

I haven’t mentioned the cricket ground just outside my office – it’s infuriating, but just as well that there’s a six foot fence interrupting my view, or I’d get absolutely no work at all done during the summer – I love hearing the sounds of cricketting and bird song. I couldn’t really ask for a better location.