Four Short Stories

A story about a jealous ex-lover, the blackmail he perpetrates to get his woman out of an abusive relationship, detailing the long journey to a new place together whilst she faffs about and struggles to come to terms with the idea.
It ends with him opening the door for her and the girl hesitating just outside.

A story about somebody who creates his perfect bride (for reasons that are never fully made clear), of her stealing from him, the subsequent breakdown of their relationship, her moving out, and several attempts to put things right.
It ends with them settling back down together and him fading into the background of her life – almost forgotten, but always watching.

A story about the preparation for the wedding of the millennium, old debts must be paid, threats dealt with, their old, run down homes demolished, and a fabulous new palatial residence erected in time for the wedding.
It ends with the wedding – the bride and groom will finally consummate their relationship their relationship. Nothing can go wrong now.

A story about the exploits of a series of chaperones for the beloved as they struggle to keep her on the straight and narrow, and of her wavering between complete wantonness and almost comical obeisance.
It ends with the beloved left to her own devices and doing exactly as she pleases.