How things are- a general, all-purpose update

I know I’ve not written a ‘proper update’ for a long, long time. So, with no silly pictures, fictional anything, poems, or anything else besides the raw facts, a ‘proper entry’! Of course, most of you will know most, if not all of this anyway, but still…

General outline
I’m doing very well – just been discharged from my CBT (training how to think therapy), just ordered the first print run of my new book, I’ve moved into a new flat (which is lovely – and just got broadband installed the other day), work’s much the same as usual and not much else has changed from the last time we knocked heads on google chat.

In slightly more detail
– I got referred for more cognitive behavioural therapy after a ‘blip’ in my gradual recovery from the long-standing depression, and this batch has left me in a better state than ever before in adult memory – able to react and respond to new and confusing situations without turning into a gibbering heap. I’m finding this ability very useful.
– I’ve been collecting a small book’s worth of my writings together for the past coupla months. In the middle of moving and such like, the final pulling-together has taken a while, there’s been one drastic name change of the project and a re-ordering of most of the material, but otherwise it’s been fairly painless. One of my mates is acting as publisher – so it’s not entirely self-published which lends it a thin veneer of respectability that it otherwise wouldn’t have. Once the books arrive, it’ll be going up on Amazon (although I’m still not sure quite how that will work). There’s been an initial print run of sixty-two copies of the first edition (which seems a random number, but leaves fifty to sell after I’ve given away a dozen) – all of which will be numbered and signed.
– The new flat is a ground-floor, two bed-room in the west of Newcastle (almost out at the airport, but not quite). It has its own garden and shed and everything. I was happy in the old house, but found out about this place and the rent was so good I couldn’t resist – also, it’s about time I found a place just for me.
– There’s not much detail to go into about work, except to say that I’ve been working a lot on the website recently and there’s several new bits of it almost ready to go. Next up, a “search this site” box (probably from Google).
The end.

Just Moved House

And in the new house, there is as yet, no internet (so I’m posting this early from work).
Which doesn’t excuse the lack of writing before I moved, but it’s my shiny, new excuse for the time being.

By the way, the new place is lovely. Pictures will follow.