I Present…

…(in all seriousness) The cover of my next book:
The Unexploded Shed - Book Cover

I’m not entirely sure what it’ll be about, but I’m fairly certain there might be innocents being menaced by wooden outbuildings, or innocent wooden outbuildings being menaced, or innocent wooden menaces being outbuildings, or something. Maybe. Perhaps.

Opalescence – Book Launch

The bath was full of ice and booze…

The launch-warming party went by in a whirl: I sold, signed and numbered books, saw more people in my flat than I thought would fit, did a reading, was toasted, set absinthe on fire, and generally enjoyed myself immensely.

The big clear up will happen at some point this afternoon.

Here, have a picture of the front cover:
Opalescence - book cover
(Not shown actual colour (the printers bodged things spectacularly, but I tried not to think about that all night).)