Real Life Catches Up

So, last night I told the Church Meeting I was leaving.

I’d spoken to the minister previously and he suggested that it might be something I’d like to tell the whole church about. In essence and to cut a long story short (with apologies for the dramatics) as part of exploring the idea of being ‘called to ordination’* it makes sense for me to be involved in a denomination that I’m better suited to than the Baptist Church. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, henceforth I am going to be:

This has been brewing for a while and was complicated by the fact that Heaton Baptist Church had been my home church for fifteen years or so and I’d settled there like dirt into a carpet. From the start of this year, I’ve been slowly withdrawing from all the bits and pieces here and there that I was involved in and, last night, spoke to the church briefly about what was happening and why I was leaving, and that I’d not be disappearing entirely – especially since Ros is only just getting settled in there. Then they prayed for me.

It was good.

I’m excited about the state of the church I’m leaving behind – and very much looking forward to getting more involved with the congregation at St Peter’s. It’s a big but necessary step and, whether or not I end up ordained, the right one to be taking now.

Any thoughts, prayers or comments would be welcomed.

*the feeling at the back of my head that I’ve not been able to shift that I believe God would like me to be involved in full time ministry.

Guest Post at Changing Worship

My good friend, Robb asked me if I’d like to make a contribution to his blog.

Every once in a while, one of my church-going friends will move away from their current church and (probably) begin attending another somewhere else. And every time, every single time, I hear the same complaints from some of those left behind.

Apparently, anybody not completely satisfied with the way things are at their church…

The rest of the mini-article can be found over at the Changing Worship blog. Please have a look at the rest of Robb’s stuff whilst your there – he actually answers comments.