Thankfulness – One Hundred Reasons

Not that I hold any sway with these modern day foreign holidays but taking stock and working out things for which I’m thankful for seems like a worthwhile exercise, in addition to being a good excuse to write something here. So, without further ado – except to say that I got this from Laura Anne‘s Twitter feed, and she got it from her friend Fiona before that – I present my hundred reasons [to be thankful] (in ten handy bite-size chunks):
10 physical things
Hugs; riding my bike; five-a-side football (well, being in goal); walks in the countryside; walks along the coast; eating; cooking; sorting things out; really satisfying loo-breaks; laughing

10 material things
My car; my audio-visual stuff (all equipment and related media); all the art my friends have given me; the first edition of my book; the flat I live in; my own personal library; my laptop; my wedding ring; my coffee machine; my kitchen stuff (and a bonus item – my fancy fountain pen of much loveliness)

10 living people (I’ll be including some pretty broad groups here)
My wife; my family; my friends; my colleagues; creative people – especially musicians, comic book writers and artists, film directors, cast and crew (and the same for the telly); the clergy; doctors; teachers; my mentees (a sub-section of my friends, I admit); my mechanic; Gail from Cafe 120

10 deceased people
My grandparents; old school campaigners and reformers including (for half a point each) but not limited to Martin Luther King, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther, and Ghandi; CS Lewis; JRR Tolkein; Winston Churchill; Lady Astor; Spike Milligan (and the rest of the Goons); pioneering engineers like Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Robert Stephenson; Steve Jobs; Christopher Wren (and all the great old architects)

10 things about today
That I feel better at the end than at the beginning; tasty dinner, prepared by my lovely wife; time spent with customers and colleagues; for getting on and writing something, even if it is a huge list; for the work I’ll be doing on some important forms later on; listening to cool music (currently old Slayer); the unexpected gift of a bag of coffee from my boss; cold tuna mac an cheese for lunch – very tasty; cups of tea; invitations for dinner next week

10 things about nature
Fire; English skies; beaches & coastlines; hummingbird moths; the moon and the night sky; the seasons; that life happens; that things like gold and diamonds occur; climable trees; healing

10 places
Lindisfarne; wherever my friends are; my bed; my office; my study; Cafe 120 (and other eateries); kitchens; beaches; parks (especially the Shoe Grove in Armstrong Park); Rome

10 modern inventions (may include discoveries of pre-existing stuff, and things from the post-modern era, but will exclude things from the early modern era such as the Book of Common Prayer or, indeed, Thanksgiving)
Smart-phones; lap-top computers; the internet; penicillin (and the modern pharmaceuticals following on from this); bicycles; detective fiction; George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machines; Breville sandwich makers; cinematography; rock music

10 foods
Cake; coffee; beer; tea; bread; roast things; omlettes; Marmite; chocolate; bacon (and a bonus item or two: black pudding and other sausage)

10 spiritual things
Redemption; grace; forgiveness; hope; love; peace; liturgy; worship; joy; love.

So, that’s my hundred reasons. What would yours be?