Lent – Busyness Schmusyness

I guess I’ve not got back on the metaphorical non-busy-bicycle in quite the way I’d hoped.

There’s been a lot happen since the last post. Most important amongst it all being confirmed yesterday (which is a story for another time – tomorrow night, if things go according to plan).

So, in a very brief summary (and I’m sure the last five posts have said this repeatedly) my life seems to have an awful lot happening in it and I need to manage it a little better.

In other news, we saw the Darkness and they were very good indeed.

Edited to add:
Basic Instructions – How to Manage Your Time

Lent – Day Whatever: It’s all gone horribly wrong


The astute among you may have noticed a dearth of entries since the 25th February. Since then, I’ve been clobbered by The Busyness and the resulting tiredness has been a thing of much rottenness – even to the point of starting to panic about getting things done. This is not a good sign.

Tonight, I’m going to bed early and tomorrow I start again (again).