Occlure de la Lune

On Saturday, the moon was full and big – warming up for Sunday’s super moon.

I’d just taken ownership of a shiny new camera and been long-term-lent a tripod that fit it, so it seemed like it would be a good idea to attempt to take some pictures of the big round shiny sky thing.

I soon learned that it was possible to take over-exposed pictures of the moon:
bright moon

I spent a couple of minutes working out how to sort it out and by the time the camera was pointing back at the silvery disc, this had happened:

The cloud has remained ever since and the temperature of the earth has dropped a good couple of degrees in the last two days.

New Theme

I’m trying out the Isola theme – it’s a little more minimalist than the previous one – I like it so far. The side bar and menu can all be found by clicking on the three horizontal lines next to the title in the grey bar.

What do you reckon?

Tim’s Days of Gratitudinal Happiocityness

Over on the old Facebookeroony, I’ve been posting something everyday that’s caused me to be grateful or happy during that day. Below, you can see a slide-show (which you can pause, should you wish, by clicking on it) of all the images I used in the order I posted them. Words may be added at some point in the not-too-distant future.

This post comes with added gratitude to my generous web-host who has been making things work over the past couple of days.

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