Je Suis Timbo

On Sunday morning, rainbow clad gunmen broke into the Westboro Baptist Church building and opened fire on the congregation. Screaming, “Glad to Gay!” they killed four of the main pastoral staff of the controversial organisation, including founding pastor, Fred Phelps. Three other members of the congregation were also killed in the attack.

In the aftermath, the hashtag #iamwestboro started trending on Twitter and people the world over started publishing pictures of Westboro Baptist’s famous placards in solidarity with the church.

A spokesman for Westboro Baptist said, “those placards aren’t homophobic – don’t seek to delegitimise us without understanding either the context of our belief or our place within American society and history.”

When asked why he was promoting obviously homophobic images on his website, John Smith, of, said, “It’s a free speech issue, we must face this outrageous attack on our right to say whatever we like by saying things that we strongly disagree with – just because. And, furthermore, anyone that doesn’t do likewise, is a coward who is giving the attackers what they want. The entirety of the gay community should apologise for this horror – even if they had nothing to do with it.”

“What’s Going On, Timbo?” I Hear You Say

Well now:

  • there’s been quite a lot of going up and down the country over Christmas and the new year
  • I’m back at work now and it’s just like I never left
  • Ros is away at the Youth For Christ national staff conference – it’s meant that the flat has been emptier feeling but I’ve hardly been there.
  • Progress seems to be being made through my exploration of calling/discernment process – and it looks like the next step is in sight (of course nothing is certain and that has been a major part of the process in itself) – if you want to hear more about this, I’d be happy to write more
  • I’m struggling to be getting back into the diet routine but doing better today that at the start of the week
  • I’m writing dull, personal, blog updates in an effort to get some of the old creative juices running and because writing dullness is better than not writing – reading it versus not reading it, on the other hand…
  • we have a shiny, new coffee machine that makes wonderful coffee – I totally disagree with the conclusions reached in the coffee machine section of this article about simplifying life
  • I’m hoping to read more this year than last and will be writing about my first book of the year, Bryan Talbot’s Grandville Noël in the not-too-distant.

Does that answer your, admittedly fictional, question?