Progress is Happening – Local Interview Dates Have Been Set

It’s taken a while for me to feel like I’ve had anything worth reporting about “The Process*” and all of a sudden things seem to be moving a little bit quickly.

I received an e-mail from the DDO1 asking how well I knew various members of a list of potential local interviewers – to keep the selection side of the process impartial, we can’t be interviewed by anybody that we know too well. I crossed a few names off and replied.

About a week later, after the DDO had worked his wonders, I got another e-mail containing the following “official bit”:

I have arranged for you to be interviewed by a Diocesan Panel, as the next stage in the discernment of your vocation. Please do remember that these interviews are part of the on-going process as you and the wider Church explore God’s will for your life. Each interview will major on certain criteria as defined in the Ministry Division procedures for interview, but may also touch upon wider issues.

Along with details of the three members of the panel, whom I was to contact individually to arrange a meeting.

After a phone call and a couple of e-mails dates had been set – all for this week. Each interview will look at three of the Criteria for Selection (a summary can be found here). The interviews will be happening on the following dates:

  1. Tuesday 10.30am: “Vocation, Ministry within the Church of England, Spirituality”
  2. Wednesday 7.30pm: “Personality & Character, Relationships, Leadership & Collaboration”
  3. Saturday 10.30am: “Faith, Mission and Evangelism, Quality of Mind”

I’ll be reporting back on how things go when I get a chance.

I’m not feeling particularly apprehensive but, as ever, prayers and general-supportiveness would be very much appreciated.

*By which, I mean “the process that I’m going through whilst exploring a sense of vocation to full time ministry within the Church of England.”
1 Diocesan Director of Ordinands – a role overseeing people within the diocese from the start of calling exploration to the point of finishing training.