You Are What You Eat? Part I – Tales of Violence

In one of my favourite books, one of the protagonists grabs an animal bone that happens to be lying around and, with a throw-away quip, kills a thousand bad guys with it. This guy ends his life praying to his god for the strength to enact a horrific and bloody revenge on his enemies; his prayer is answered.

In a recent film, the main protagonist, grabs whatever is to hand, and with many a throw-away quip, kills his way through myriad bad guys – all in the name of revenge (and in search of a cure-based maguffin).

I’m not sure that there’s much difference between Deadpool & Samson.

In fact, the book of Judges is chock-full of the old ultra-violence and most of the characters therein seem to be the superheroes of the day – very much in a gritty/dark kind of fashion. Death and butchery is visited-upon all and sundry but very little of the human consequence is felt and the cycle repeats in the very next issue chapter. Maybe it’s all in service of the moral but it reads like pure escapist entertainment.

It takes until the book of Samuel and the machinations of a certain David before the violence starts to hurt – in a very Pulp Fiction kind of way.