Four Dark Days

Maundy Thursday, Coming Down

How could I know that it wouldn’t last?
How could I know that you meant every word?
How could I sit, whilst you served me so?
I really couldn’t have known.

How could I stay awake and watch?
And, once awake, not act?
Do you blame me that I ran?
I didn’t go so far as some.

How could I admit you as a friend?
Wasn’t it enough to have watched?
To watch you safely ’til the dawn?
I run from the courtyard and weep.
Good Friday, Mourning

Christ! I wish I’d died back then
Nails holding me up, next to you.
Rather that than this slow death
Of moments, memories and years.

Christ! I wish I’d known your love,
The joy and peace they say you bring.
I fear the mornings more each night
And dread dreams and the dawn alike.

Christ! I wish I’d heard your words:
A whisper of hope for a dying thief.
Then maybe I could rise with you,
In paradise and not alone.

Kyrie Eleison: Christ have mercy
Kyrie Eleison: Lord have mercy
Kyrie Eleison: Christ have mercy
How to do Well in a Sponsored Silence

I took part in a sponsored silence once –
I lasted twenty three minutes – a personal best!
I’m not sure I could manage
To keep my peace from three o’clock, Friday afternoon
Until some point on Sunday morning.
People are already saying it was cheating –
Well, being dead and all!
Three Days After

After the running away,
After the denials,
The betrayals and the spite,
The mockery and the pain,
After the death,
After the silence,
What now?

Is there anything left of us?
Is there anything left for me?
Only emptiness and strangers?
I hear you speak my name,
And I know.
With thanks to Linus for the use of his computerliness.

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