This evening, because Ros hadn’t been able to make it to any of the Good Friday services, we read through Mark’s passion narrative – lit by seven little candles surrounding a taller candle in the centre of the table and the back-light of the phone we were using to display the text.

At each point that things became noticeably worse for Jesus we blew out a candle until, at the point of his final breath, we blew out the tall candle. Once the centurion had made his proclamation, we turned off the phone and sat for a while in the darkness.

2 thoughts on “Mini-brae”

  1. Hiya Tim! It’s been a long ass time hasn’t it?
    I don’t know how useful this is going to be as a means of getting in touch but it was the first result that popped up after a cursory googling, so it’s the first one I’m gonna try…
    So – some good news: I am finally, freshly and completely clean of drugs of any kind and am looking to rejoin the world.
    Still staying at my mum’s for the moment, my old e-m@il address (… should still work, or I have another, ” girlstickboy at icloud dot com ” so HIT ME UP and we’ll discuss important and pressing matters like how awesome we both are and how frighteningly old we’re both getting!

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