Things We Kiss In Church

Every year, on Good Friday, during the Liturgy of the Day, our congregation processes to the front of the church and kiss the crucifix (that has just been carried forward) – in an act of veneration.

Every week, the gospel is kissed as soon as it has been read – in an act of reverence.

Every week, the priest kisses the altar – in an act of veneration.

Last night, during our Maundy Thursday service, my right foot was kissed as part of the foot-washing re-enactment – there must have been something else going on.

2 thoughts on “Things We Kiss In Church”

  1. Our vicar did mention, this afternoon, that in the eucharistic service, there are traditionally three kisses – the altar, the gospel, and the peace – even if one of them has now been replaced with a polite handshake.

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