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Towards the start of the month, Linus mentioned that he was about to post a guest blog on somebody called Laura Anne’s Community Blog Party wherein throughout the merry month of September, various bloggers and internet-types would give their ideas on community and so forth. He also recommended reading the rest of her stuff.

This I did, and being a curious character, asked if she had enough guest posts to see her through the month – offering my Party Ring (three very short stories set outside, inside, before, during and after the party of your lifetime). Sadly, this exceeded the required length quite considerably. So I bodged something together and the results can now (or at least, from Monday morning) be seen here.

In other news, I have been asked to come up with “Something about faith/church/modern world/whatever.” to join the hallowed pages over at Changing Worship. It’s due for submission on Wednesday, so any ideas will be much appreciated.

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  1. Thanks Laura Anne, I wouldn’t say ‘faux pas’ – but that’s mostly because I don’t speak French. I’ll have to try to write more often now…

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