Distant Stirrings

I’m currently sitting in a church in which a bunch of reflective stations around the Passion Narrative have been set up. The evening is alternating between a chance for the congregation to move between the stations whilst very old plainsong plays and some reflective sung worship.

I’m experiencing a slight, possibly inaccurate, sense of deja vu tinged with regret. I remember being involved with putting together this kind of thing in the past and that it was a worthwhile and valuable thing. But tonight I’m just the caretaker. I’m not a gobby youth, nor a student. I’m no longer involved with any local groups that do this kind of thing..

I want to help people encounter God.

I want to help people worship.

I want to change lives.

Later I will need to think about the hows and the whens.

Tonight, I’m just the caretaker.

4 thoughts on “Distant Stirrings”

  1. Tim, without you tables would not have been laid, the chairs would not have been set and the candles would not have been lit.
    Without you there would have been no talk of skyclad worship, of slaughtered lambs.
    Without you we’d have made the congregation sick.
    Without you we would not have had the space in which to encounter God.
    You may be the caretaker but you are not now and never have been “just” anything.
    Now, go off & work out the hows and whens.

  2. The ministry of a caretaker is a precious one. To prepare a space in which others can prepare and offer worship, graciously enabling them to exercise their gifts – even if you know you could do it better – is in itself an offering to God. Perhaps the lives you change thereby are those of this evening’s worship leaders who, aided by your caretaking -taking care – and prayers, will experience God in the preparation and offering of worship

    1. Thank you (and apologies for taking so long to reply).
      It deserves thinking upon – and probably much discussion, I’ll rally the talking troops.

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