The Small Things We Leave Behind (Part 3)

Two Good Spoons

bar code scanner in front of a PC that has some trunking holding a desert spoon and a teaspoon for easy access
In the run up to the rapidly approaching move, there are several things that have become part of my life for the past few years that there’s no longer any call for and which must regretfully be got rid of or left behind. I thought it might be fun to share some of them (this might be the last post).

I have no further use for this bar code scanner and, besides, it belongs to work. I won’t miss the semi-regular having to disable and re-enable it through the device manager settings to get it to work but its been part of my working daily life for a long, long time – wooden Harry Potter scar and all. The trunking holding the spoons, on the other hand, is a genius idea and one that I’d be happy to add to my list of inventions. Still, there’ll be a drawer full of cutlery at the new place and the “two good spoons” can be retained by a successor.

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