The Small Things We Leave Behind (Part 8)

Empty Shells

The box for the Judas Priest Remasters Boxed Set

In the run up to the rapidly approaching move, there are several things that have become part of my life for the past few years that there’s no longer any call for and which must regretfully be got rid of or left behind. I thought it might be fun to share some of them.

Years ago, this boxed set was released gradually with the big case and the first four albums in the initial release and subsequent remasters released every couple of months. It felt like it took me ages of popping into the local record stores and asking “is the next batch in yet?” to complete the set – and for a while it looked awesome on the shelf with my other collections.

When I moved into lodgings a little later on, I transferred all my CDs and DVDs into slip cases in a flight case and put the boxes into storage, fully intending to put them all back out on display when I moved somewhere with enough wall space to cope with the shelving.

Today, I took a car load of CD cases and boxes to the tip.

Another, aptly-named, victim of the purge was the case below (which is going to a mate who might be able to do something charitable with it).

battered case for Metallica's 'Live Shit Binge & Purge'

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