The Small Things We Leave Behind (Part 10)

The Fabled PurpleStation

An original Playstation that has been spray painted metallic purple

Many years ago, when I first owned a PlayStation, it was a dull grey, which was entirely unsuitable for a bringer of the fun. I took it apart and spray-painted all the parts in a metallic purple, waited for it to dry and put it back together again. It looked fabulous and served me well, but it has been somewhat superseded and won’t be coming with us.

Free to a good home, collection only.

5 thoughts on “The Small Things We Leave Behind (Part 10)”

  1. Hi Tim,
    Hope you are ok.
    We hear you are moving south.
    When are you moving?
    God bless.
    Chris & Sandra Stephens

    1. Hi Chris and Sandra,
      We moved last weekend – it’s been a bit full on since then.
      Ros has a new job in a church down in Leamington Spa and so we’ve relocated for that.
      Hope you are both doing well.

      1. Hi Tim,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Hope you’ve recovered/recovering from the move.
        A move can be stressful, especially with little ones.

        What’s the name of the church Ros is going to work in?

        Are you hoping to get a job for yourself, or to be a home husband. ( This can be equally tiring, if not more so, than working outside the home.).

        Any chance of sending me your email address?

        God bless.
        Chris and Sandra

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