Going away for a bit, again.

Just visiting friends in the deep south until Friday.
In the mean time I’ll leave you all with this heartwarming little poem (Again, by Steve Turner)

First lessons in living
These are your first lesson in living.
To begin we drag you head-first from your shelter,
awat from your food, from your warmth.
We cut you apart from your only known friend.
We take you out and beat you until strange gases
rush your lungs and pain jerks your frame.
These are your first lessons in living.
They will stand you in good stead.

And another from Spike Milligan:
The New rose
The new rose
…….trembles with early beauty
The babe sees the beckoning carmine
…….the tiny hand
…….clutches the cruel sten
The babe screams
The rose is silent –
Life is already telling lies.

Actually I’m feeling quite chipper. Have a great week folks.

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