Another Proper Update

Last night I got home from being away.
I’d been visiting The Chaplain and his family, down in Swindon. It was great to see them all again, how the kids were now (from youngest to oldest) walking as opposed to crawling, talking a whole lot better and generally being themself more. It was also great to just get away from everything for a bit. The scenery was magnificent; I’d open the curtains in the morning and be able to see for miles. The weather was great. I got up early, ate decent food, spent time with folks I love and became a hugging post for the youngest.

Anyway, this morning I woke up and had to go and care-take all morning, it was alright, but tiring – a load of kids running around and being kids, between setting up and putting away everything they needed for the session.
I got home and the exhaustion from the last few weeks hit me again. The diference between being totally in demand hugged and played with by the kids and my current situation was thrown into to sharp relief. On top of that all the depression that had been kept mostly away for the week also ganged up on me. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling too hot.
I was talking via IM with a good friend, trying to keep myself together because I was waiting for somebody else to come online – somebody I’d arranged to talk to yesterday. (Thank you so much, reallylikesj, you achieved miracles this morning.) Many thanks also to blackbirdshaq the conversation we’ve been having has been completely worth struggling through the morning to get to.

The previous chunk was merely intended to set the scene as to my state of mind when the phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it. But I’m so very happy that I did:
“Hello, Tim. This is Ahud.

I just got an international SoapBox meet-up phone call!
The good monkeys from DC are having a get together/meetup today.
Now, I don’t inhabit the meetup forum, other than to check up on the Newcastle thread, so I was mosty unaware of this (Ahud had told me was going on a meetup this weekend, but it didn’t “click” the way it should have. So it was a complete surprise when he said, “Hi, I’m at the meetup, and I’ve got a bunch of people who’d like to have a word with you.” A big grin-inducing, blues-banishing, happy-inside-making surprise.

Anne, Ahud, Deni, Lucia and Pupdog were at the Natural History Museum. They seem to be having a lot of fun. They said something about going to see giant elephants, and then Pupdog sniffed Deni’s feet. I hope he recovers. I got to talk to some of my favourite Monkeys (almost) in the flesh, and altough, even now, my memory’s fading of the actual conversations the event itself is carved into my mind as a marvellous chunk of my life.

Thank you guys, you made my day!

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