Murder Mystery Party

Nine of us turned up. One of us was a killer with a heart of stone, who if left unchecked would go on to kill and kill again (alright, it’s more like Cluedo – one off screen corpse and one of us was guilty).
There were four courses: soup, chicken in white-wine source, angel delight, cheese and biscuits.
There was a ridiculously over the top voice over tape.
There was some similarly silly over acting from all concerned.
There was champagne.
There were wine critics, actors, gangsters and their molls, very camp photographers, dead rock stars and their girlfriends, ex and present and members of right wing death squads. That was just us.
There were crazed evil genii, betrayls, shoddy alibis, and a number of implausible motives.
We had a whale of a time and five hours later here I am.
Guilty as charged.

Picture diary to follow once the film is developed.

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