I got up earlier than usual this morning. It had the desired effect of letting me take things at a more relaxed pace and thus not start the day in a terrible panicky rush which would leave me on edge for the rest of the day. Oh no, that’s right – it’ll just leave me tired and sleepy all day instead. Oh no, that’s just how I normally am anyway, so on the whole, this getting up early lark has a lot to recommend it.
Anyway, that isn’t the reason I’m writing this entry, merely to set up the idea that I was up and about earlier than usual this morning. I left the house and looked up along the street and immediately wished I had my camera with me – a pale blue sky was fading into a beautiful pink and the moon, full a couple of days past, hung there right in the centre of my field of vision. Far below, the terrace roof tops disappeared into a slightly cloudy horizon. It was one of those views that helps make you feel glad to be alive.
That’s why I worte this entry.
(Of course the being up early gave me time to write it.)

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