Nasty Shock This Morning Blues

I woke up this morning
and I looked up at the clock
yes, I looked at the clock on the wa-all
The room was light and shining
Room was light and shiney and the clock said ten to nine.

Only ten minutes, only ten minutes
Get up,
get washed,
get dressed,
get fed,
get packed
get to work
Yes, get to work – half an hour awa-ay-ay.
My heart started racing
Panic reared its ugly head
My palms they started sweatin’
And I wished that I was dead.

Must have missed the alarm,
But that noise wakes the dead
So I checked by the bedside,
That’s what I said,
I checked by the bedside
And what did I see?
Six A M glowed the clock face to me.

That stopped clock on the wall
It gets a new battery tonight.

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