Week Off, Day Two and All’s Well

Well, kind of. I’ve not got half the things I was hoping to have done by this point but was hoping to write this evening about the fun I had at the doctor’s today – but it was rather dull: the cough is just a cough (as I thought, but since I was there, it was worth mentioning), and the horrible (and long-running) pain at the base of the spine and across the top of each hip is being treated as muscular with a course of anti-inflammatories and some lying down exercises to do every morning and evening.

In other news, my local cheap-hardware store, Richardson’s (or Richardsons’) on Heaton Road, is no more – which is a right royal pain in the bottom since it’s where I got all my keys cut. The shop sign is still there with the door closed and wheelie bins lined up in front of the forlorn, empty windows – no need to board them up since the display stands block all view into the shop. It was a dismal hole of a place with all manner of cheap, disposable-level tools and useful things like locks, brackets and, of course, the key-cuttery – the main reason I ever visited. I got used to having it around – indeed, it had been part of my life for nearly fifteen years. What’s upsetting is not so much the inconvenience of having to find another supplier of freshly cut keys as the sudden vanishing of a small, dingy, yet valued part of my life. It will be sadly missed.

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