Ten Things Invented by Me in Order of Brilliance

Over the course my long and varied life, I’ve had cause to invent several things – mostly as a result of necessity.

  1. The thing I’m most proud of having brought into being is the mental health feelings/function compass which I recreate below:
    This came may need a little explanation – I’d been receiving treatment for years and had been making massive progress but still woke up every morning feeling like death. I started to question whether any of the struggle had been worth it and was in danger of slipping into a negative feedback loop. Then, I realised that I was actually in a better-able-to-do-function state than I had been for years and that Depression wasn’t so much a spectrum as a compass with desired good health being somewhere in the top right – to move from the far end of the bottom left quadrant to half way through the bottom right quadrant was progress indeed. Having realised this I started to feel better too. I’ve since spoken with lots of people who’ve not seen anything quite like it before and reallly could do with putting the word about more.
  2. Breast in the Hole – as discussed in my best man’s speech.
  3. Reflective light in photos masquerading as eyes – hadn’t seen this done before so it was a fresh discovery for me:
  4. himandherherandhim
    These beauties speak for themselves.
  5. Renowned cyber-hangout Timbo’s Eats and Drinks Emporium
  6. The unused book title “A Ragtag Rag-Bag of Filthy Rags

Six out of ten ain’t bad – this is all I have for now.

7 thoughts on “Ten Things Invented by Me in Order of Brilliance”

  1. Tim – I really like your feelings/function compass. It’s such a simple idea and yet it’s so helpful in assorted ways. ..and one can immediately see how it could be adapted to other base situations.

    There’s something about seeing – I mean as in a ‘visual’ – that for some reason seems to unlock the other sort of ‘seeing’ more easily sometimes than lots of words or explanations. I’ve always been fascinated by the lines in one of Rumi’s poems (where the ostensive context is the difference between hearing a matchmaker describe your prosprective bride and seeing her for yourself ) that

    In hearing there is a transformation of qualities;
    In seeing, a transformation of essence

      1. the tags seem to look okay there. And, thank you – it was the being able to see (even before I wrote it down) that some sort of measurable change had taken place – for such a long time (and probably for so many people this is till the case) that depression just means feeling rotten and they’ve not ‘seen’ that there’s more to it, which is completely understandable when the feelings are the most overwhelming and ‘visible’ part of the illness.

      2. Oh yes -of course: the quote is italicised so the bits I italicised are unitalicised!
        I just didn’t look properly – which is somewhat ironic, given the subject of the remarks! :-D

        1. I love the unexpected way that code sometimes works – a second bunch of italics tags, in my mind, should flip the letters over onto their sides but I’m kind of glad that they don’t.

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