One more thing

I gave myself a hair cut today.
Forgot that my clippers didn’t work properly.
Too late!
Finished off as best I could with the broken down useless things.
Realised that I couldn’t go out of the house looking like I did.
Had to wet shave my head just to look reasonable.

Just in time to catch the air on an icy night. Lovely.

Long day today:

-Woken up by a friend in the church office asking about the legality of using an image from the internet on tickets for the up and coming “Stars in their Eyes” competition – I couldn’t help on the legal side, except to say that even if the image was copyrighted, no money was being made by it’s use and that the chances of anyone taking taking issue with it were so small as to be completely negligible, the ended up printing plain tickets anyway. I’m still not sure of what’s legally alright to use in the UK.

-Big Curry Cook-up Part 1. Quite some time spent preparing the veg.: making paste from fresh chillies and ginger, chopping onions, swede, parsnip and peppers, and frying the parsnip.

-Counselling session, half an hour’s walk away, it seemed to go fairly positively, but I was miles away for most of it.

-Big Curry Cook-up Part 2. Finished the veg prep: boiled the swede, chopped mushrooms, opened tins of tomatoes, poured tomatoes into stock pot and added Nando’s Peri Peri sauce. Checked that the pork was in suitably sized chunks. Fried in a big wok (adding at intervals in this order and stirring every minute or so) onions, paste (both mine and some from a jar), the pork, the peppers, the swede, the parsnip and finally the mushrooms. Once everything was just about cooked, transferred into stock pot, stirred into tomatoes and simmered for about half an hour whilst I washed up. Left to cool whilst I did other stuff and put in fridge at end of day.

-Housegroup: an evening meeting of a small group from our church, the old leaders are resigning and we spent most of the night talking about we all thought should happen with the group. Personally I’d like a chance to, at the very least, share the responsibility and possibly lead the group myself.

-Back home and updating my lj.

-And finally, throughout it all, transferring cds to .ogg and filling up my hard-drive, today’s seen Eels through to Gong.

Things I’ve done today

Had a healthy combination of flap jack and a banana for breakfast.
Helped out with the kids at church.
Had lunch with a family I’m friends with.
Borrowed their step ladder to fix the lights in the flat.
And this is the one that I’m proudest of:
progressed my transfer of my music collection from cd to .ogg files on my computer from Black Sabbath: Vol. 4 all the way through to The Clangers: Music from the TV show and Act 1 of the Clangers Opera. Whilst this was going on I played a dangerous amount of minesweeper and I’m likely to drift off with a grid of squares and numbers floating in front of my eyes…

Stolen from EzzValdez:

Timbobaggins in Some Like it Shot
In this fully-fledged bloodbath, timbobaggins (Steven Seagal) is a hard-nosed prisoner with a dislike for corn chips. He elects to find troublenstrife (Emma Thompson) before his nemesis, iamubergeek (Dougray Scott), gets to her. Imagining that this plight is reversible, he makes his presence known at the haunted warehouse. Like sands through the hourglass, so will be the ticket sales for this movie.
Produced by ianiceboy

(no idea why I’m all in pink)

Today the button fell off the top of my trousers. It would take five minutes to fix it but as I’m a lazy sod and I don’t notice it most of the time I’ve left it alone until tonight when I’ll be taking them off anyway. A plan with no flaws.
Not really, every time I go to the loo my trousers fall down.

Happy New Year!!

Well, here we all are in a fantastic new year where everything is going to be so completely different from the way things were yesterday that we’ll barely recognise our lives.
Out with the old in with the same old same old.

Wow, I haven’t done this for a while. Hello everybody.
One thing that I aim to change (and that’s about as much of a resoloution as you’ll get from me) is the frequency (or otherwise) with which I update this strange thing.

I just did the strange “Which Romantic Film is your Love Life” quiz which Hev mentioned recently: The Secretary. Hmm.