Three days in

Well, here I am – towards the end of the Friday evening in the merry season of Lent – and I’m still alive, halle…oh-never-mind.

This time around I’ve given up one thing aimed at self improvement, another aimed at being some kind of real sacrifice, and am aiming to do one thing more pro-actively. The three things up for grabs are drinking, snacking and use of social media. Before Ash Wednesday I would have said that you’d have to work out which was which but that would leave me with nothing to write about now.

Self Improvement – Snacking
I eat too much crap. And have tended, in the past, to graze. A lot.
This Lent, I will be foregoing all snacks and only eating at proper mealtimes. The first couple of days walking past the biscuit tin at work proved very tempting. But I hardly noticed it all today.
The idea is that better eating habits form which can be worked on later on – after missing breakfast on Wednesday, I know it’s not clever to make that mistake a second time.

True Sacrifice – Drinking
Much of my social life involves drink in some form or another and pubs have been found to be convenient places to, for example, meet up with wedding invitation designers. Since I started driving, the pint I do have on an evening has become very precious – turning up later on in the evening and having a soda and black currant just isn’t the same…

Getting off my Arse – Social Media stuff
(with especial reference to Twitter).
I’ve decided to use Twitter at least once every day and to write at least one blog post every week. So far, the Twitter thing’s worked out okay but I’m still very much more a reader than writer – and so it is with the blog really as can be seen from the state of this entry.

Have you done anything for Lent? What’s motivated you and what’ll help you keep your early-in-the-new-year-resolutions?
And, what’re good ways to get more involved – especially given my “Nothing really to add, there”ness?

Dull, Real-Life Update

Ermmm, a quick list of things that haven’t changed:

  • I’m still engaged
  • I’m still working and stuff
  • I’m still in the same old flat
  • I’m still struggling to think of regular things to write about

That being said, I have just done a brief bit of ‘writing to order’ for Silverthorn (currently a link to their facebook page) which was fun and reassured me that I still have it whatever it may be.

I’ve also kind-of started tweeting (or twatting), my tag is the ever-so-original @timbobagginsii.

I’ve just introduced the lovely bride-to-be to Star Wars (a thumbs up for the first two films and Return of the Jedi scheduled soon) – this was a potentially tricky stage of the relationship (and one that should have taken place before the engagement) but, thankfully, she seems suitably impressed. (Hurray!)

Also, I’m about to run out of wine…