Yesterday was good.
Today is one minute old.
It is Lucy’s birthday.
I’m about to go to bed and it will be an early night for me.
Later today I’ll be caretaking for a mini conference and going out for drinks in the evening with an old friend who’s coming to visit.
In the video clear out the day before yesterday I missed four videos which will now have to sit alongside a load of books on my shelves until Kingdom Come.
9!^9! is a stupidly big number.

All these things I have learned or remembered today.
Not particularly interesting.

My dad’s coming to visit tomorrow!
I did all sorts of things today.
My favourite was taking Mimi to the vets.

Mimi is one of my friends’ cats. About seven years old, tabby, too many litters to count, just got spayed last week. This was her week’s check up…
I have no idea why it felt so good to carry a cat a few hundred metres and back again. Maybe the fact that she was alright, maybe it’s the helping a friend bit, maybe I’m just a sap. We’ll never know.

On the home front, my room is now video-less, and tomorrow the living room will be VCR+TV-less, it feels good to clear up space like that. Soon there might be room to actually live in this pit…

Well it’s the end of another day. I should by this point have three whole LJ chums. I did all sorts of things today, and I’m about to sort out my first ever voice link! Woo!
It’s only 1am and already it feels like three, maybe it’s the Pogues fault, whirling around my head, and being drunken at me… Maybe I should listen to what the flower people say. What did they say? My plant doesn’t talk to me… I take comfort from this. Not the fabric softener but the abstract emotion of calming peace. Baghdad has been taken. Bring it back. Or front. Ramble ahoyhoy.

So, yeah, my fourth entry…

The Haddock is a wonderful creature, how it travels with no legs is a mystery to me.
There was a character in the Tintin books called Captain Haddock. He was an alcoholic who drank whiskey by the gallon. I believe his tipple of choice was Loch Lomond, possibly the cheapest of all single malts. £15/bottle – and not evil tasting to boot. Lucky bastard had a country house and a butler. Why he was drinking cheap swill I’ll never know…

…like a metaphor